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C# .NETLectors mentorshipSenior software developer


Full-stack .NET C# developer and lector.

Core Sills:
  • ASP.NET14 y. of experience
  • C# .NET14 y. of experience
  • API14 y. of experience
  • JavaScript14 y. of experience
  • Unit and Integration testing (NUnit, MSTest, Moq), Selenium9 y. of experience
  • SQL, MongoDB9 y. of experience
Project experience:
  • 2016 - present Software engineerFlight, hotel booking engine development using ASP.NET C#, Mysql, various API integrations.
  • 2017 – present WEB lecturer and lectors mentorship Teaching about HTML, CSS (bootstrap, materialize), JavaScript (JQuery, Ajax), PHP, git
  • 2010 – 2016 Software DeveloperVarious different projects and roles with front-end and .NET C#